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December 25, 2006


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Jeremy Campbell

wow that sounds incredible. there'd have to be a way to market this to american. x-treme olive oil or something - ok maybe not :)


Lovely post about your Dad... eggs look great. Just thinking about breakfast now but while there are some great free range eggs on hand, our olive oil just isn't going to make the grade.

Harris Salat

Thanks for your nice comment, Stephanie. I fried eggs my dad's style the other day with a more refined olive oil from California and they came out nice... Hey, I thought Australia has some good olive oil, to go with your fine country's fine wine! ....... Harris


I came across this posting just while surfing in search of this oil for sale in the US. Apparently nobody imports it yet. I have been given two bottles as a gift from an Italian friend and it's one of the best oils I ever tried too.
I tasted other good oils but this one beats them all. Unfortunately I reached the bottom of my last bottle now......
Tanti saluti to your father :-)

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